• Colors:  White, Gold, Bardstown Purple, and Navy (dark blue), and gray.
  • Types:   Polo shirts with fold down collars, long or short sleeves.  NO sleeveless. 
    • Polo shirts are to be worn tucked in, all the way around.
    • Oxford-type dress shirts, short or long sleeve. 
    • NO sleeveless, must have a fold down.
    • Oxford-type shirts must be worn tucked in, all the way around, with belt showing.  
    • Turtlenecks must have a fold down collar.


  • Colors:  Khaki (tan), Navy, and Black
  • Types:   Slacks will be twill or chino fabric (no denim/jeans or sweat/jogging pants)  

Skirts & Jumpers:

  • Colors:  Khaki (tan), Navy and Black

Each Friday is School Spirit Friday. Students are permitted to wear Bardstown Schools t-shirts with their dress code pants on Fridays.